Eve at Celtic Connections 2014 Live

Eve Williams album art

I like first hand information on events as huge as The Celtic Connections. I have been watching uploads and news related to it. I also know who in my friend’s list are performing. It is great to see musicians come together in Glasgow every year to perform music together and even sit down and discuss about possible projects. It is a colorful environment as what my friend singer/songwriter Eve Williams noticed. It is teeming with great talents and you have to be your best when you perform there. No wonder it’s an event that continues to grow bigger each year.

There are notable names like Capercaillie, Lunasa and Moya Brennan who took part in the event.Celtic music artist Kyke Carey is there to record her new album. There are also artists who have just released their debut albums and they try to showcase their music. Eve recorded the event and posted a blog  entry on her website. In this recording, she’s with guitarist Steven McKnight. Steven is definitely good! I like how Eve explains the history of every song. She doesn’t sound nervous and I sometimes joke to  her that she would make a good music teacher. I am glad she carries every tune with minimal effort(considering the amount of people who are there)!


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