A Tune for Burns Supper

Robert Burns was a charmer with sad eyes. Anyone can draw their own conclusions but that’s what I see in him ( the portrait by Alexander Nasmyth) and in his poems. There’s that heart breaking beauty in all his works. It is interesting how history can transcend his growing up in up poverty and hardship . Now his legacy resides in the hearts of many men and women.  Scottish folk tunes introduced me to the works of Burns. The

The best-known portrait of Burns,  by Alexander Nasmyth, 1787
The best-known portrait of Burns,
by Alexander Nasmyth, 1787

First Time I Heard Ae Fond Kiss, I was struck at the themes of sadness and longing in the song. Perhaps it’s because I find sadness in my life and I connect to that. Or perhaps Burns is really a poet who can speak to every soul of all races and classes.

Indie folk artist Layne Greene covered a  Scots tune called The Massacre of Glencoe for this occasion. Many have covered this tune including The Corries in 1976. Robbie MacInnis provided the bagpipes. This is an interesting arrangement because Greene layered the bagpipes in the mix and the result is really fascinating. I’d say this is a perfect tune for Burns supper!


Celtic Connections!!!

I will be posting more Celtic Connections related blogs but I am leaving you with this one. Don’t forget to tune in 4:00 pm German time for “The Baxteria” on http://www.radiohappy.eu


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