Post Bodhran Questions to the Bodojo Bodhran Community

I became an official member of  bodojo(known as THE Bodhran Site & Community) this week. If you find that your bodhran lessons seem too technical and complicated then you should check bodojo.  The members are always helpful whither you are a beginner or an expert. People are always there to answer your questions. You don’t even have to post questions. All you need to do is just check out any thread and there will always be people posting answers (or asking questions) relevant to you.

The website started in 2001. With new great information and discussions every day, I know that even those with no inkling on the instrument will be encouraged to learn. The bodhran has gone a long way. It is now raised beyond its pulse-keeping past. I confess I get that want to own many bodhrans as there are lots of shapes and sizes being made out there.

I really thank the people in the bodojo community for getting me started.



Please don’t miss my radio showon every Saturday afternoon (4:pm German time) where I play mostly Celtic music along with other genres.



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