Interview with Brian Cunningham (audio)

Interview with Brian Cunningham of the Atlantic Steps by Baxter Labatos on Mixcloud

Brian Cunningham of Atlantic Steps took the time to have this interview . He talks about:

1.How are things going on the creative side

2. What can we expect from Atlantic steps this 2014

3. As a producer of a tour.

4. Teaching Sean Nos  Dance lessons in Milwaukee.

5. How he maintains his agility as a dancer.

6. What’s great about sean nos dancing and why should people come and see or even learn the art.

You Tube version of the interview:

Atlantic Steps promo clip:


3 thoughts on “Interview with Brian Cunningham (audio)

  1. Hello Baxteria .I have just listened to your interview with Brian Cunningham on Mixcloud. I wish him well on his promotional Tour of the United States with Atlantic Steps. So much is happening out there with Traditional Irish Music and Dance. It is great to know that Sean Nos Dance is becoming more popular Worldwide. It takes great skill to perform these very energetic Irish Dancing Steps. Lovely to watch. Thank you again and again Baxteria for introducing the various Artists and Music to us through The Celtic Music Fan. Such a wealth of Musical enjoyment. Keep them coming. Your No.1 Fan Geraldine. .


  2. Hi Geraldine,

    It’s been a crazy week in a good way. Glad you like this interview. You should check out the recent one I did with Max T Barnes who is touring Ireland. You have a lovely culture Geraldine. I love anything Irish 🙂


    • It Shows. Have you ever heard the Saying “More Irish Than The Irish Themselves”? Well Baxteria You certainly fit that Category. I hope these same Irish Artists realise as I do what an Ambassador you are on Your Website in the Promotion of Our Traditional Irish Music.” Maith an Fear” Baxteria. Looking forward to checking out Your Interview with Max T. Barnes X Geraline


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