Is it True?Accordions Are Making A Comeback in the Mainstream?

I woke up experiencing the coldest morning in a tropical country ever. Philippines might not be experiencing polar vortex like the other countries but this is the coldest brrrr! An interesting headline in the Atlantic caught my attention. I still care about mainstream music. And when an instrument that isn’t really mainstream gains popularity among those who don’t normally listen to true/beautiful/complex/traditional music then it’s exciting.

Waste Ventura of Will Tun and The Wasters photo by Pietro Di Nardo
Waste Ventura of Will Tun and The Wasters photo by Pietro Di Nardo

Have you seen the video of Full Set? How about Jamie Smith, Martin Tourish and Micheal Curran?Traditional bands are really great in representing themselves to the world. I would not be surprise if a couple of years from now, being in a traditional Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Cornish/Breton etc band would be considered fashionable. But I think that’s how it is in the music world. When there is an overload of the same style, people will always want something different. Kids grow up and they discover new music. I have observed this through the years. Artists who maintain longevity aren’t those who started their careers as teeny boppers.

I guess the popularity of traditional instruments are partly due to online music courses. For example you can learn any instrument when you go to  at €19.95 for full membership access. There are more and more traditional music sites offering  ways to learn any traditional instrument of your choice. Celtic music is a community affair. We learn to play the instruments so we can take part in sessions.

So when is the bodhran going to be a ‘hot’ instrument again?


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