Irish Film The Street Looking for Bands to be Part of the Movie Soundtrack


This is interesting. An Irish gangster movie called The Street is being made. I am really excited. I am a big fan of Irish movies like The Commitments, Once and  the sci-fi Grabber are among my favorites. I am looking forward not only to the amazing screenplay, casts and locations but also the soundtrack. Music plays an important part of the movie because it intensifies the moment or the scene. I really enjoy a good accidental song. I hope there will be traditional sounding bands that will be included in this movie.


” The only line between war, is family”
After 7 years in prison, ex gang member Simon Carr, is finally released and back to the streets where it all began. Now a changed man Simon refuses to take up his old role alongside mob boss Irish, who then decides to give the job to Simon’s younger hard-working  gang member brother Declan. As a talk between the two doesn’t work out with his younger blood Simon takes it upon himself to intervene to get him away from it all but Irish has his own say…..

Sounds like there will be lots of punches in this movie. My main concern is the soundtrack so I asked the page administrator. I got this reply:
“Bands can send links to HoodUpFilms@Gmail.Com all genres welcome.”
There you have it folks. All genres. I hope to hear traditional Irish back to back with ambient/new age/punk/trip hop/folk combo.
How did I learn about this movie? After being away from facebook for a month I developed a detachment from my newsfeed and also status updates. But I checked today and I got several invites and also notices about new pages of musicians. That was really exciting. One of those was an invite to The Street movie page. Rickie O’Neill who is a drummer of The Saw Doctors  and The Cabin Collective has now ventured into the world of acting. He is currently involved in this movie playing the character L-Boy. Below is The Cabin Collective with him on drums.

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