Irish Trad:Bellow Bridge from Portland OR


I suspect these musicians have been playing for years but only now that they formalized their line up. Bellow Bridge are based in Portland OR and they play traditional tunes. I discovered the band through piper Philip Dale whom I follow through soundcloud. It is great to hear traditional Irish music through this quartet. They are: Philip Dale, Sarah Emett,  Philip Hitt and Jason Hohl. Most of their soundcloud tunes are taken from live sessions.

Here’s what they say to the question: So why Bellow Bridge?

In the hunt for a name that every new band goes through, we tried on many for size, but nothing quite fit.  Eventually we found inspiration from the instruments we play.  The bellows of the Accordion and Uilleann Pipes, and the bridge of the Fiddle and Bouzouki. The four instruments that make up the core sound of the group.  Its a fitting name we think, as our intention from the start was to let the instruments be the stars.

My personal favorite is  Marie’s Wedding – Killarney Boys Of Pleasure -Live. Put them on your radar and hopefully we can hear an album from them soon.


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