Cloudcast #19 is Up plus More on Celtic Percussion

 Track listing

John Reynolds, Tom Morrison-Dunmore Lassies
Mary McLaughlin-Stor Mo Chroí
Celtic Tenors-Going Home
Capercaillie-Coisich, A Rùin
Clannad-I Will Find You [From The Last of the Mohicans]
Enda Seery-Amhran Na Leabhar
Brendan Mulholland-The Pigeon on the Gate
Brianna Gaither-Find You
Flesh for Lulu-I Go Crazy
Chris Robinson-Psychedelic BluesRock Jam
Topdolla Sweizy-Ain’t The Same.
Jeff Pianki-Paper Window Dreams
Active Child-Johnny Belinda
Portishead-All Mine
Samuel Smith-The Ballad Oisin

Happy weekend friends. My cloudcast is up and once again I bring you amazing tunes both old and new. I try to make sure I don’t do the same thing again and again so you will know what I mean.

It is a rainy Sunday here in the Philippines and I feel productive. Having more time for myself and not living through the expectations of others can be liberating. I encourage you to try that.

Since I started learning the bodhran, I subscribed to several channels including Celtic percussion and  this time, Alex Kuldell talks about holding the stick. This applies to all percussion players as it is always about getting more by doing less. And I think as a player, you will develop that smooth style with more emphasis on nuance as you become an expert. I don’t intend to become an expert or a musician because that is not my domain. I am a blogger. But then again I think that when you are a music journalist you have to know what you are talking about so that’s why I feel that I need to explore the instruments in order to give spirit to my posts. Alex Kuldell talks about Sound Quality as a Result of Technique



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