A New Year’s Message Plus Podcast #18

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My peers have already their 2013/reflection up so I guess I have to add my own. A brief one. I started this site around 2009 as a way to relieve boredom. I was working on a night shift in another part of the country. I remember that my first article was all about Planxty. Back then I had no idea as to what kind of direction this blog was going to take. But I knew I need one in order to connect to the world. I knew back then that there’s a big world out there. All I needed to do was to tap into that energy and things will just happen.

And things happened. Good and bad. But they are part of the bigger picture. They had to happen so that life can unfold. That way, things will be set in motion. Bands come and go. Friends arrive and leave. But it’s just the natural order of things. We ebb and flow…and strangely find our paths to each other again. All we need was to have patience and to have a sense of detachment and trust that things happen so that they can set our destinies in motion.

It is beautiful to devote one’s life to music. Be it as a performing artist or a chronicler of the music. There are many wonders to be found. There are blessings that await us. Celtic music opened doors for me. Because of this site I got recommended and now I have other affiliations. www.celticmusicfan.com









and www.subkulture.net

It is good to be part of bigger things. But it is also great to remember where we came from. I think that naïve, provincial and awkward part of us is that part what we should always hold close. The world will always try to shape, pound and level us into something that’s acceptable and ‘normal.’

But to be like a sponge requires good memory and persistence. They can confine us, hold us and put us in a box for a moment. But we will always return to our original form. And this is what makes us who we are. Happy New Year.


For those who missed my radio show this Saturday  Podcast #18 is up!


Robert Doyle-Flags of Belfast
Michael (Blackie) O’Connell and John Joe Kelly – Traditional Medley
Eamon Murray- Bodhran Solo
Paddy Keenan-Uilleann Pipe medley
Tri Yann-L’Irlandaise
The APRILL-Fun Times
Nouvelle Electro-Radio
Sean McCarthy-Anami ( A prayer for Earth)
Joel Sarakula-I Will Deliver
Sarah Vaughan-The Man I Love
Gavern-Crystal Clear & Light is Passion (Incantation)
Samuel Smith-Bantry Bay


5 Replies to “A New Year’s Message Plus Podcast #18”

  1. I have enjoyed listening to each of your Saturday Playlists DJ Baxteria . Thank you for this reflexion in your New Years Blog Message today. You are so insightful when it comes to matters of the heart. I Guess these are the ingredients to you being such a Good DJ. Keep on bringing these great Celtic and Indie Sounds to us. We so appreciate this Baxteria. Happy New Year to You, Your No. 1 Fan Geraldine.


  2. As always Bax a grand listen! The best thing is that we never really lose each other. But I will keep in touch….I hope you will too. It’s been a rough year for you, and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. 🙂


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