Check out the Soundcloud Page of Fabien Guiloineau

Fabien Guiloineau of Shelta is back, this time with his other musical project called Kitus. Bourree de Vichy/A Bout de Souffle is a lively track which has a strong Breton sound. Unlike Shelta which focus more on Traditional Irish music, Kitus have a World music influence as they merge not just the music of the Seven Celtic nations but also other musical styles.

To hear more of Shelta and Kitus, just visit Fabien Guiloineau’s page through the soundcloud embed below.


What is your Christmas wish? Mine is peace. I am not talking about world peace as it quite a feat. Personal peace is enough. And by peace I mean to be away from situations that cause anger or pain. To really say what you want or feel is a luxury that seems to be abundant in others while scarce to some. Loss has taught me to not waste time and to be upfront with what I want to happen. If you have an interesting gift that you want for Christmas, let me know. I want to learn from your experiences and also wisdom.




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