Cisalpipers and The Emilian Bagpipe



Hometown: Center-North region of Italy Emilia-Romagna, formed in the fall of 2004.

I’ve been meaning to post something about this folk and Celtic band called Cisalpipers. But due to personal events it too longer than I intended. But here it is finally. My take on this energetic five-piece band consist of Chiara Temporin, Fabio Vetro, Davide Candini, Marco Vinicio Ferrazzi and Mauro Pambianchi.

Th incorporate world influences. There are traditionally inspired tunes. There are moments when I think I am hearing a prominent Galician and Asturian piping. But it isn’t. They are actually showcasing the unique sound of The Emilian Bagpipe which has an interesting history.

Bagpipes in general are pastoral instruments. They evoke the beauty of nature. They echo the simpler times. The laughter and sorrows of the field workers. They’re the people’s instruments. Thanks to technology and the resurgence of love for unique instruments, The Emilian Bagpipe has once again found an audience. And this is due to the experimental music and love for fusion of the Cisalpipers.

Other instruments with the band are Scottish Bagpipes, Whistles, Drums and Percussions. You should check out their energetic youtube videos. I am sure seeing them perform live is such a breath taking experience.

You can download the full presskit from the link here:

The official band website has an option for both in Italian and English (upper right) Thanks to JP Kallio of Sliotar for introducing me to this amazing group.


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