Looking for New Celtic Music? Visit 67 Music


I met the two amazing people behind 67 Music through social networking. They also gave me the opportunity to contribute articles which I think is awesome because 67 Music is a music magazine that takes the music scene seriously. SkOt Cranmore, Steve Behrens (and the rest of the amazing staff here) always do huge things like promoting interesting bands in the industry. They also do merch and video interviews.
The 67 Music website has a simple and clean interface. It is easy to browse for something you are looking for.It is based on wordpress so that makes it very familiar and aesthetically pleasing. You can see my featured article about John Breen in their archive: http://67music.net/features/john-breen/ The events section has the calendar of music gigs. The reviews page has albums that passed the quality test of 67 music. I like the Music apparel section because those shirts are awesome. If you are looking for bands you can’t find in this blog or other blogs in the internet then I think you can find them in 67 music.

If you are a solo artist or in a band, you can send your recordings for review in these addresses:

CD submissions, notices, and other snail-mail:

67 Music 10441 SE Cook Ct. #186 Portland, OR USA 97222

drop them an email:




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