The Baxteria Podcast#15

Hi readers and listeners. Podcast 15 is up and once again, I was able to keep the show going. I hope you all have great weekend wherever you are. I always say this to beings of this world and beyond: Come out, come out, wherever you are. I hope this podcast will keep you warm as I bring you rare and current tunes. I really enjoyed my interview with Patrick Brazel jr and we had an amazing craic. I had to edit bits of the conversation for the show but it was fun.

I also played a traditional Manx tune from Emma Christian. Anybody out there knows what’s going on with her career? She seemed to have disappeared from the Celtic music radar after the 90s.


Scott Hoye-Black Rose

Luke Kelly (The Dubliners)-The Black Velvet Band

Secret Garden-Elegie Emma Kate Tobia and George Murphy-The Fairy Tale of New York

Emma Christian-Ushag Veg Ruy [Little Red Bird]

The High Kings-Driving Home For Christmas

The Chieftains feat Alison Krauss-Molly Ban

Von Shakes-My Side

Interview with Patrick Brazel jr

Von Shakes-Robinson Crusoe

Mickey Harte-Time

Don BeeKeeper-Are you Happy Now?

Layne Greene-The Christmas Waltz

Special guest Patrick Brazel jr

Von Shakes are:

Patrick Brazel – Vocals/Rhythm Hugh O’Reilly – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Cillian McSweeney – Bass/Backing Vocals Ryan Normandin – Drums

More from their official site:

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