An Irish Christmas to Keep Us Floating

Moya Brennan – Vocals, Harp, Keyboards
Paul Byrne – Drums, Bodhran, Timpani, Tubular Bells, PercussionMoya Brennan an Irish Christmas
Fionan De Barra – Guitars, Bouzouki, Keyboards, Vocals
Cormac De Barra – Harp, Vocals
Éamonn Galldubh – Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, Flute
Yoshinobi Izumi – Electric Bass
Sam Jackson – Piano, Keyboards
Sinéad Madden – Fiddle, Vocals
Frances Mitchell – Keyboards

Additional musicians

Máire Breatnach – Viola, Fiddle
Anthony Drennan – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Dobro
Úna Ní Chanainn – Cello
Tim Jarvis – Keyboards
Aisling and Paul Jarvis – Vocals on Oíche Chiúin

I can understand why some people get allergic to Christmas songs. It’s because these artists come up with the same old thing. And people get tired of it. I mean, I imagine those vocal acrobats that can make any reindeer suffer vertigo. Give me a break! This season is all about Christmas songs-of a different kind. And I think no better December it is than to celebrate  it with An Irish Christmas by Moya Brennan.

I love the way the Carol of the Bells was arrange to give that ‘suspense’ and haunting feel. Then the song explodes into choir and percussion-plus of course, Moya Brennan’s amazing harp. Some tracks are in Gaelic so it works for me. My favorite is Gabriel’s Message. It’s a track covered by such diverse artists as Sting but none had the impact as this arrangement of Moya Brennan has. This tune has a long history that goes all the way back to the Basque. Read the full history here:’s_Message

The reason something like this works again and again is due to the style. Celtic music styles will never go old. Because it is already old. Go figure 😉

This Christmas doesn’t promise us happiness.  Personally, I am dealing with few tragedies myself and I know some of you are too.But music is there to keep me afloat. I love this and will play this every year!


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