“Voice of Ages” has Proven the Timeless Sound of The Chieftains Once Again.

Track Listing:

Carolina Rua / The Ladies Pantalettes – 3:57 (with Imelda May)

The Chieftains continue to have relevance and appeal in the Irish and international world with The Voice of Ages. Popular alternative rock artists like Paolo Nutini, Bon Iver, Imelda May among others’ contributed their talents in this wonderful album of total brilliance.

Imelda May proves that to be a great singer, it’s not just about singing well. The speakers and mics have to love you. I think Voice of Ages is the continuation of what The Chieftains started in The Long Black Veil. They aren’t scared of trekking unfamiliar territories. Can you cite other Irish bands that have collaborated with a wide array of talents and diverse music like them? I don’t think so. No other group comes close to them.

What I love about The Voice of Ages is that the Chieftains always manage to bring out their own signature sound on anything they record. Regardless of the other musicians they collaborate. They also know how to balance their track listing between fast and slow tunes. Listen to My Lagan Love with vocals by Lisa Hannigan. If that doesn’t stir your soul then I don’t know what else will do. The Punch Brothers also offered an interesting Bluegrass flavor to this album. And yes, Carlos Nunez who has appeared in many of the Chieftains’ past recordings played with them in  Lundu. I think the highlight of this album is the contribution of NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman with The Chieftains in Orbit!



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