Something Unorthodox: Finnegan’s Hell – Drunken Christmas (An Irish Christmas Song)

It is always a good time to introduce Christmas tune way before the actual holiday! Because during the actual holiday there will be saturation of Christmas songs! Now this tune say an Irish Christmas but before you go ahead and watch the video, Finnegan’s Hell is based in Sweden. So the video will tell you that. The music is definitely Irish-inspired. This is what makes fusion music exciting. Artists always bring many flavors in their music by talking their local style and fusing it with international styles. The combination is always refreshing to hear!

I am just glad they are from Sweden as I love the Swedes..and the Irish. If you are into music videos depicting dysfunctional families enjoying the holidays while drowning their miseries in alcohol and gorging on food, then you will relate to this. And I know you have a sense of humor to get this video. Yes those kids look really sad. The parents are terrible but the show must go on. Just like all of us here.

Additional info from Pablo Rautenberg

“Drunken Christmas” is a single from the band’s forthcoming album, which is yet untitled. The new album will be released in 2014, as soon as Finnegan’s Hell finds a new record label. The band recently decided to leave Hell On Wheels Records.

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