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A collection of songs by local musicians in Northern Ireland supporting Unicef’s disaster relief efforts in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan. Featuring tracks from Gareth Dunlop, The Jepettos and more….

News flash! The friends of The Celtic Music Fan in Northern Ireland have compiled an album supporting the Haiyan disaster relief fund in the Philippines.  These are local artists with world class talents. All the songs in this album are worth a listen. They are all amazing they all stand out. There are many styles involved in this collection. These are soul-stirring original tunes carefully chosen to fit the concept of this album.

Songs for the Philippines – a collection of songs supporting the Haiyan Disaster Relief Fund (UNICEF) appeared on the 22nd of November 2013, on the bandcamp site of  Laura Stevenson Christmann(she reminds me of the very young Judy Collins) who organized this project, along with Eve Williams. Artists who appeared are Gareth Dunlop, The Jepettos, Andrew Fairfowl, Paul Mcilwaine, Wes Grierson, Darryl Hannah, Eve Williams, Stephen Dunwoody, Wookalily, Sean MacLeod, Ludwig O’Neill, Laura Stevenson Christmann.

There is however one unifying style in this album that I am sure will make you buy it-Van Morrison. Yes if you are a fan of his music then you will certainly like this album.