Escaping Reality with Esotero

Fraser and Graeme

Traditional Scottish and Jazz. Those are the two styles that define the new album Esotero by Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen. It is a work layered in intricate textures. I encourage you to give it more than twenty spins before you say anything what the album.What I am saying here does not even define the whole album because, Esotero has MORE to offer as part of your listening experience. But we can agree that it is an impressive album with loads of surprises.

I like the how space is given emphasis between instruments and tracks. It is almost like stepping into this white room and seeing a few instruments on display. It is easy to get lost in the passion behind the making of tunes like the title track Esotero, The Bank of Time and Immigrant eyes among others.

These two artists go all the way back with an impressive  array of albums to celebrate. I would like to unlock the secrets to the melodic alchemy of Fraser Fifield but it is hard. His approach is always unique and sometimes the way he plays with scales is uncanny. His delivery gives a sense of atmosphere and mystical qualities to each track. And yes, the guitar works of Graeme Stephen completes the alchemy, giving Esotero a timeless and satisfying listening experience for all.

Buy Esotero here:


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