Enda Seery & John Byrne on Geantraí

For years now I consider Geantraí  as one of the most important sources of traditional live performance in Irish music. For this week comes a surprise. I was going through my youtube stream when I found this upload of the latest performance featuring Enda Seery & John Byrne. These two made a tight breath-taking performance by making their two acoustic instruments feel like a full set. In most of Enda’s performances, there is that distinctive, delicate way of playing-his love for expression and texture over speed. The style where he shines. John Byrne compliments the tin whistle with his rhythmic guitar strumming  and making sure that their sounds merge seamlessly.

He and John will be playing for Gael Linn ‘Siamsaíocht @6’ concert series next Tuesday, 19th November from 6-8pm in the Central Hotel, Dublin. His latest second studio album ‘Síocháin na Tuaithe:Peace of the Countryside'(2013) is available on http://www.endaseery.com/buy-albums.html

Video info:

Geantraí, TG4-Programme 3, 2013.
Enda Seery (Eb whistle) & John Byrne (guitar).
Reels: Day Trip to Galway (comp. Enda Seery)/The Golden


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