Have you heard of Morenn?

I discovered the music of Morenn after clicking the link posted by Francois Marchal of Caliorne on facebook. I think Morenn is a fascinating project and needs a good support from lovers of Breton Celtic music. There are three videos posted in their kisskissbankbank crowd Morennfunding project in which one of them I decided to post here. Their approach to music is eclectic, blending traditional Breton sounds and other World influences. The music is lively, optimistic and evokes the landscapes of Brittany.

Members of Morenn are Xavier Boderiou , Sylvain Barou and Pellen Jacques. The three  are the finest in the world of Breton music. I am quoting this interesting blurb from the site so you will have an idea what the project is all about:

The “Morenn” project is the result of the meeting between Xavier Boderiou, Sylvain Barou and Jacques Pellen around the classical music of Scottish bagpipes.The piobaireachd is usually performed solo. The songs here are unstructured, merging three instruments consistently. This unique creation combines bagpipes, guitar, flute, but also a hint of experimental music around a centenary book for an explosive result in imprecise, nebulous … Morenn.

Here is the link to the project site:http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/morenn


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