Leisure is the source of creativity?

cropped-cropped-rocks-under-water-in-sea-off-brittany-france-my.jpgI think anyone can become very creative when given time and means to do what he or she must. As a blogger, I noticed that the more I get more and more assignments, the more I become nervous and anxious to ‘do something’ and that feeling leaves me when a sense that I am working rather than enjoying what I do. October has given me a lot of time to reflect and also to talk to musicians not for interviews of music news but just getting to know them as people. People like you and me.

I learned that no matter what exciting facade we put out there we are not immune to the pitfalls of life, relationships and even tragedies. But artists are expected to ‘do what he/she must do’ and that is how the public finds happiness: hearing the works of the artists and finding their own reflections on those creations. But like I said, artists are like you and me. They have bills to pay, relationships to maintain and time to manage. Sometimes they have to scrape from that bleeding reality so that they can have something to put out there. Sometimes it consumes them and leaves them unable to do anything for years. Such creative burnout can be revived by people around them e.g. the love from family, friends and creative clusters. And thus they produce new works again which can be better!

I try any means to evolve as a blogger. I tried dabbling with online radio so that is how my weekly radio show came into being. I always thought that being impatient or discontented with one’s present situation can be a blessing. It gives us ways to grow as artistic people. As an example, my living room arrangement always changes every month. My bedroom doesn’t look static in a 365- days -a year rotation. Things are constantly moving. It is the same with relationships. I always meet new people. There those who stay and there are those who are meant to be casual companions. And that is ok because life is all about growing. We grow with people and sometimes we grow apart from them.

In that growth we always leave a seed of inspiration and in a way that is what we leave behind. It is funny that when I look at this page I always say to myself” I need to do something to make it more exciting.” But is there anything I really need to do? If there is something I need to do it is to spread kindness online and offline. That is something WE all need to do. And this blog, though primarily for information and entertainment, it is also a reflection of my convictions and also the kind of music I like. So as I plan for my next radio show later, I will have this in mind. Stop, look and listen. Then breath. And appreciate the kindness life has given me. It isn’t really hard to do I think.


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