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Halloween Music Sale! Halloween Music Sale! Halloween Music Sale!

Here at The Celtic Music Fan, I am always constantly checking for the best deals in Celtic music before the word comes out. I am a snoop. I am curious. It’s a habit I could not break.  So here’s an interesting deal to give someone a Halloween present or a surprise for Christmas.

Enda Seery Halloween Surprise!!!

From Sunday, October 27th until Sunday, November 4th, both of Enda Seery’s album releases:’Síocháin na Tuaithe:Peace of the Countryside’ (2013) and ‘The Winding Clock’ (2010) will be for sale from Enda’s website for the SCARILY and DEVILISHLY low price of €8 including postage and packaging. Don’t miss out on this MONSTROUS offer! http://www.endaseery.com/buy-albums.html

These albums received good reviews not only from your’s truly but from major Celtic music magazines and websites. Síocháin na Tuaithe:Peace of the Countryside’ (2013) can be a perfect companion as you warm through the seasons by the fireside. Same with The Winding Clock! So mark the date again: October 27th until Sunday, November 4th.

So what’s your plan this Halloween? Are you going to wear a garbage bag and a paper bag over your head like I do? It’s not what you think though. I will make sure I don’t come out looking like a fool. But I will hide behind the bushes and say ‘boo!’ to those passing by. I am sure it will scare the wits out of them. Because I will look really icky scary.