Watch Out For Enda Seery’s Halloween Surprise (October 27th until Sunday, November 4th)

Halloween Music Sale! Halloween Music Sale! Halloween Music Sale!

Here at The Celtic Music Fan, I am always constantly checking for the best deals in Celtic music before the word comes out. I am a snoop. I am curious. It’s a habit I could not break.  So here’s an interesting deal to give someone a Halloween present or a surprise for Christmas.

Enda Seery Halloween Surprise!!!

From Sunday, October 27th until Sunday, November 4th, both of Enda Seery’s album releases:’Síocháin na Tuaithe:Peace of the Countryside’ (2013) and ‘The Winding Clock’ (2010) will be for sale from Enda’s website for the SCARILY and DEVILISHLY low price of €8 including postage and packaging. Don’t miss out on this MONSTROUS offer!

These albums received good reviews not only from your’s truly but from major Celtic music magazines and websites. Síocháin na Tuaithe:Peace of the Countryside’ (2013) can be a perfect companion as you warm through the seasons by the fireside. Same with The Winding Clock! So mark the date again: October 27th until Sunday, November 4th.

So what’s your plan this Halloween? Are you going to wear a garbage bag and a paper bag over your head like I do? It’s not what you think though. I will make sure I don’t come out looking like a fool. But I will hide behind the bushes and say ‘boo!’ to those passing by. I am sure it will scare the wits out of them. Because I will look really icky scary.


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