The Spirit of Ireland – An Odyssey Home – Audio Book Launch and live performance with Alan Cooke

Spirit of Ireland copy reached America today now being copied and put into nine disk package with booklet…..launch date soon..-Alan Cooke a.k.a. The Wild Irish Poet.

Yes watch this link because the countdown begins up to October 24 which is the launch date of Spirit of Ireland- the audio book version. Audio books are the rage. I think with the growing desire to multi task(since technology has given us that opportunity) more and more people are turning to audio books. It gives them the opportunity to listen while not being confined to one place.

Alan Cooke

I think paper books are still amazing. I read the written version of this book and I love it. There’s so much passion that Alan Cooke has placed in this work and I think it is time for the world to have a taste of it. His language is poetic, musical and magical. It is always a joy to read what he writes about. I can’t remember anything written by him that I didn’t enjoy! This man is a walking modern-day bard with the gift of the Sidhe.

The Spirit of Ireland is a sequel to his Naked in New York memoir. I started reading the book at night and finished it the next day because like anyone who is trapped inside a vision of the writer, we get used to this place we inhabit that the thought of leaving by finishing the book is a sad thing.

About this event:

A live launch of Spirit of Ireland – An Odyssey Home. Emmy winning writer and actor – Alan Cooke’s beautiful audio book memoir about his journey back to Ireland and his odyssey around his native land. Alan will be reading live excerpts from the west of Ireland and discussing his life and his work and the audio book will be available to purchase from

Other videos from The Wild Irish Poet.


Alan Cooke earned won the 2009 Boston Film Festival for Best Documentary for, Three Emmy nominations and one win for best writing for documentary HOME at the Emmy Awards 2009


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