New Album by The Folkalists Now Available Free for Two Weeks!

The Folkalists

Laughter is the best medicine. If you can find someone making funny tunes while maintaining musical excellence (and serious face) then he/she is on my top list. This is the case of Northern Irish band The Folkalists. From the first to last track all I get to hear are great vibes, amazing melodies and yes awesome humor. The world is harsh enough to dwell on too much angst(I had many for the past few days) and it isn’t healthy in the long run. Pickin Up The Change is the remedy.

Dee McIlroy, Eugene Glenn and Barry Skeff aren’t scared to poke fun at situations. They don’t take themselves too seriously which is a great thing. That is why these songs just come through right away. The degree of heartfelt humour and talent are  perfect addition to my collection of Irish albums! They made it to my top categories.

Dee has an amazing voice. It’s warm, mellow but with a great range. It is also an expressive instrument. The melodies are gorgeous. Their music falls on the folk/country side with echoes of traditional Irish flavour. Walking in the Sunshine is my personal ‘hit’ song because it is catchy, upbeat and artfully crafted. Just Can’t Find the Words is another favorite of mine. It’s a love song that reminds me a little bit of Crosby Stills  Nash & Young with a tinge of America. I swear I find no weak tracks in this album. This is really well conceived and flawlessly executed. They really make the songs shine with their vocal harmonization.

The instruments used in this recording are fantastic. The mixing sounds great. I look forward to more releases from The Folkalists because they are really nice to be around. We all need this music!

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