Siltation: A Forthcoming Novel by Darren Lynch


I admit the character I had in mind was different from the book cover that is part of the promo prior to the book release which is November 10. I am talking about the story called Siltation by Irish musician/writer Darren Lynch.  Somehow I see Bamm Bamm as a little bit on the round side-not heavy but somehow mesomorphic with few traces of fat.  More like Liam Cunningham when he was in his early 30s.

The main character is Bamm Bamm Doyle whose real name is Joseph Anthony Doyle.

I was christened Joseph Anthony Doyle, but as a
child, the mother used to call me ‘Bamm-Bamm’, after
the character in the Flintstones cartoon, I think. Think it
might have been Barney Rubble’s kid, or a pet dinosaur
in it. It was just as a bit of a nickname and a slag, but it
soon stuck, and friends and neighbours knew me as
Bamm-Bamm Doyle.

Bamm Damm is a Dubliner who is suffering from bouts of depression and alcoholism. He often gets into trouble with the neighbors but he strikes me as someone you can get along with if you don’t rub him the wrong side-and as long as he gets his daily dose of drink. He carries a tin whistle and enjoys the craic and good old Irish music. He also keeps a poster of Bobby Sands on his bedroom wall.

What’s really interesting bout Siltation is that Darren Lynch has painted an accurate representation of a life on the edge of the cracks. The perfect candidate of that part of the society that’s marginalized by poverty and mental sickness. “I wanted to show a certain type of person in society that people chose not to see, but lives under the radar.. ” The Man You don’t Meet Every Day was  the initial title according to the author.

I didn’t know what to expect from the kind of language the book has, upon the first few pages. It is spoken through the mind of the character-the first person storytelling. There’s a lot of local expressions. Two pages and I am engaged. This is very Irish. The cadence of the prose sounds like music when you read it aloud but that’s just in my opinion. People read book for the story I guess. Me for both:story and style of writing.

I learned new slangs along the way like for example:gaff:house and looper:crazy.

It has raises a lot of powerful feelings to those who read it. I feel it is timely, with all the things going on over there…the tanking economy..the wounded pride of the Irish. Read up to the end and if it doesn’t make you feel something then you are an android logo.

If you check out the right side of this blog you see there the advert and the release date which is November 10. Please like the fb page of Siltation and let us help Irish writers get their works out there. Yes by the Irish and for the Irish.

Siltation by Darren Lynch


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