Forthcoming album by Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen ‘Esotero’


Fraser Fifield

Scottish multi- instrumentalist Fraser Fifield has teamed up once again with Greame Stephen for another delightful instrumental album called Esotero. Release date in unconfirmed but it will be soon. They’re like the Starsky and Hutch of Scottish instrumental music. I have listened to two tracks which Fraser posted on soundcloud and facebook and I say they are fab! Of course you will be expecting these things: haunting tunes, abstract melodies, traditional instruments, jazz and rock influences and traditional Scottish flavour. So it is going to be a buffet! Can’t wait for it.

Fraser Fifield’s career stretches back to more than a decade comprising of albums and collaborations with other artists. What’s more fascinating is that he welcomes all types of genres and he isn’t afraid to experiment. I recall one of the reviews I read where the journalist remarks that he plays the traditional instrument like a jazz musician and the jazz instruments like a Celtic musician. He has the best of both worlds. You can hear more of these things in my interview which will be aired this Saturday October 12 4pm German time. We had a great time doing that interview and he even played a tune on the spot. Yes no rehearsal. I will also be playing the title track Esotero this Saturday.

I am looking forward to the release of Esotero and anything from the Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen collaboration is always a work of magic!


Lament is my favorite track from ‘Honest Water’, released in 2002… A tune dedicated to his Grandmother, Minnie Davidson of Garlogie, Aberdeenshire. This is a work of genius in my opinion.


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