Winner of the Meav Autographed CD Giveaway Chosen!

Heeeello! Celtic music fanatics. I have named the winner of the Meav Ni Mhaolchath​a autographed CD giveaway! His name is John Cranmer of Madison, GA USA. All the more reason why you should check this blog every now and then because there are always goodies to giveaway. Tip: these things happen when artists are either launching a new CD or starting a tour. And they are always excited to give something to their fans for the continued support. Isn’t that awesome??!

I was truly knocked out by the video of Meav doing her new song “The Calling”.  I truly felt relaxed as I watched her smoothly sing this song. She has, in my opinion, the very greatest voice of today. To list words of description would certainly be long, but I’ll try to use just a few. Enchanting, relaxing but exciting at the same time, moving. I’ve been a fan of Meav since I purchased her first CD. It really seems that her performances get better each time. With “The Calling” she has hit a new high. I look forward to her continued success as she continues to knock our socks off.

John Cranmer

Madison, GA USA

So yes,  Meav is sending out that autographed CD to John and I am sure he is going to be happy about it. Thank you all my American readers for your support and I will make sure to give out more surprises often because it will keep this whole thing I am doing exciting. I also want to give my appreciation to Irish artist Meav Ni Mhaolchath​a. She really cares about her listeners. Her sweetness  will definitely bring more and more fans. And yes she will always have the continued support of The Celtic Music Fan for her shining 5000 watts of pure talent!

Pre-order on Amazon:
In Ireland you can pre-order a signed copy:…


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In recent news…

Those who tuned in this Saturday might have found yourselves not hearing my show The Baxteria. You weren’t dreaming. We are off the air for the following reasons which I will attach here:

Radio Happy is being taken offline for a few days in order to facilitate a transfer and upgrading of the service we provide to our listeners. Therefore, Saturday’s show with DJ Baxteria, Sunday’s show with DJ Yolande, Monday’s show with Johnny Normal and Tuesday’s show with Flip Martian will not go ahead but will return the following week as normal.

I know you’ll miss us – but please be assured this is only temporary while we put things in place to ensure the service is more robust and reliable in the future! Part of our ongoing commitment to making Radio Happy a professional and reliable source of online entertainment.

More news on the relaunch will appear over the next few days.

Thank you to you all for choosing Radio Happy up to now and thanks for your understanding and patience at this time.

– The Radio Happy Team

The new URL is

It will be better and I promise to introduce new music and also interesting ideas to my own show. Thank you all for your continued support!


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