Getting to Know The Rattling Kind (Interview)

Rattling Kind

Eddie Sherlock: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Tom Forde: Bass and Vocals
Ben McGinn: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Anthony White: Drums and Percussion

When I first heard of The Rattling Kind I was excited. They play an amazing combination of folk, rock with a radio friendly appeal. It is also an original sound and I think this is where their charm comes from. Rise Up EP is making its auspicious debut in the ears of Irish music lovers and they are getting converts at a fast rate. I think it is time for them to take the spotlight as our new featured band.

As they say, the most beautiful songs are those that make us cry.  So yes, they write songs about the present state of Ireland, from the economic to the immigration situation that’s taking place. They have a lot lot say and sing about.  I am glad for the opportunity to catch up with Eddie Sherlock and the rest of the band to share their ideas behind the EP, the music and the things that shaped their unique sound.

Baxter:I think The Rattling Kind created a unique menu of Irish music for international listeners! What are the things that the rest of the band are up to?

Eddie Sherlock: Irish music will always be at the core of our sound, but we are open to try all sorts within our sound to create that rattling kind of music, we want people to be able to identify our sound the second they hear it!

Energy and great song structures. How do you and the rest of the band write songs. What are the processes involved before the tracks are mixed and mastered?

Well before there even was “The Rattling Kind”, Eddie(me) and Tom were sitting around penning songs together. It’s only natural then that the first few songs from the band were written by Eddie and Tom, with “All Around The Town” being produced in this fashion.Songs are written completely separately too and ideas are bounced around then afterwards. The input of others is always respected and songs may develop into a new kind of beast as we jam them out in the studio.

It can be exciting when your fellow band members understand the vibe you’re looking for from a song. Whether it be the need for a really tense atmosphere with a slow build-up to fireworks, or a more restrained approach to give off a sense of deep emotion…  If the whole band have that same feeling about a song that you have and everyone’s steering in the right direction, that’s when ya know you’re onto a winner!

All Around The Town is a beautiful music video. Can you tell us a bit about the making of this one?

Truth be told, we were working with very limited resources. We were lucky to secure the services of a clever director (Anthony Downes) and an intense actor (Alan Sherlock) who thankfully saw some promise in the song and had a couple of ideas for the music video. Together with our own ideas, we had the premise and were ready to roll! The subject matter being what it was, you could easily go wrong with an idea and some people may have overdone it a little. But it was beautifully shot and the lads got some great footage out on the road. The fact that the video was more suggestive than in your face, meant it would thug at the heartstrings a little.
I like the way you sing. Who are your vocal influences?

Everyone Irish!! haha.. funny enough, my Grand mother and Uncle would have been very strong influences in my singing.. after that.. Balladeer’s like Luke Kelly, Ronny Drew, Christy Moore, Damien Dempsey, Declan O’ Rourke.. Internationally, I love all the big vocalists.. Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Paul Weller.. the list goes on.. can’t say I have one no1, but I love a good song sung well.
What’s the first instrument you picked up as a child?

Haha emmm either the tin whistle or the spoons..
Please describe each member.
Kinda hard in a way.. see we all work as hard as each other, both in and outside of the band, in fact where more like brother’s, that purely love what it is we do, and grave to preform our art to everyone who wishes to listen.. but best I can say is

Tom: the calm one

Ben: the only one with a hand on his shoulders haha

Anto: Hard working hungry drummer, always thinking ahead
 Where can listeners buy and download your album?

Our music is available on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp. It will be available in some record stores soon.
What’s your message to our readers?

Keep it Rattling!


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