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Ok the sixth episode of my radio show on www.radio-happy.com is up with lots of Celtic music goodies. I apologize for the bad sound quality when I speak . I had no idea the there was electrical grounding when I started the show. But never mind my speech. Listen to the music because I featured the best and the brightest in the world of Celtic music!

Campfire in the Dark by John Breen 
Danny Boy by Marc Gunn 
No Pasaran by Daonet
Ghosts by Douglas McQueen Hunter 
Humours of Tulla by Steven Hawson 
Lament by Fraser Fifield 
Loving Hannah by Enda Seery 
Marga’s Moment by Athru 
Siachran Si by Ensemble Eriu
Spike Island Lassies by Moxie 
Tartan by Taran Celt 
Tarbolten by The Feekers 
Whiskey in the Sauna by Sliotar 
Ciudad de las alturas by Brutus Daughters