Celtic Music Fan Podcast #5



Last Saturday’s playlist is here. But due to unfortunate circumstance (the computer did not record my stream) I had to reconstruct the playlist track by track and in order that I played them. So it’s the still same. Only this time you can’t hear my voice.

Enda Seery-He is part of the Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann and teaches weekly flute and whistles classes in Co. Westmeath. He has released two albums The Winding Clock and he is going to talk about the new one!The interview starts around 15:55.

Ballybrolly Jigs-Flook
Morning Nightcap-Lunasa
Lament-Fraser Fifield
Interview with Enda Seery
Sailing-Moya Brennan and Cormac DeBarra
All Around Town-The Rattling kind
A Winter’s Night-The Picts
Bantry Bay-Samuel Smith
Easter Lily-John Breen
The Black Mill-Irish Moutarde
Martyn’s Yellow Tea Pot by Nua
Beauty’s Daughters/Thy Name The Spriggans

Listen every Saturday 3 to 6 pm (with 1 hour auto dj) German time @www.radio-happy.com


2 thoughts on “Celtic Music Fan Podcast #5

    • Thank’s for the support Maureen. I am trying to be inventive how I promote this kind of genre and sub-genre. I know that it presents new challenges but it is always a rewarding experience when at the end of the day, you feel you are part of the bigger picture. Because I think that the music community includes musicians, fans and bloggers(who are also fans) and we love what we do to keep this community alive and exciting. So yeah we are all family..I enjoyed that Interview with Enda. You can tell his warm personality shines through and I love it when he said he composed tunes for his dogs! John sets the balance as he creates a more folk and relaxing atmosphere with his ballads. He is after all part of the tradition that makes Irish ballads truly Irish.


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