“Beating Beyond Folk Ashes” by Brutus Daughters.

"Brutus’ Daughters


Xipla – Asturian pipes
Alex – Vocals
Rak – Bass
Pablo -Guitar
Rebe – Drums
Lorena – Fiddle

Music- A blend of Asturian music and Continental Celtic with punk energy.

I am enjoying the “Beating Beyond Folk Ashes” album by a band based in the south of Madrid called Brutus Daughters. A part of me that loves punk really love the raw energy and attitude they put in the tunes. Hey who would have thought that Asturian pipes can compete with electric guitars?

It’s like the female version od The Clash and The Sex Pistols only that in this case Siouxsie Sioux is in the Galician/Asturian countryside with lots of Mohawk sporting fairies doing the step dance.  This is an album that is filled with raw energy and melodic abundance. The songs are catchy and they stay with you due to the crafty arrangement of verses and instrumental hooks. The tunes are in Castilian, Asturian and English. To quote from their press release:

Concerning the subjects, some of the lyrics reflect the value of friendship involved in the ‘shebeen’ culture, while others contain a socio-political message, denouncing the mistreat underpriviledged people has to suffer because of the abuse of authority. Literature from ethnical minorities, autobiographies and traces from mythology deeply rooted in Celt tradition have served as a source for many of them.

I think they have created a mix of musical flavour that although you would categorize as Celtic rock, there is something unique about their sound that makes every song their own. Six Beers is humorous and emphasizes on the oi! backing vocals which enhances the chorus.

The pogo dance -inducing rhythm is consistent throughout the album. With exception of the Asturian-meets-Irish sounding Nuechi del Nubero which is also my favorite track. I like this when I am doing a lot of cores and I have not taken my cup of coffee yet. Nothing beats the help of an energetic tune when you want to be productive!

Beating Beyond Folk Ashes” is a punk meets folk album with showcasing the beautiful sound of the Asturian pipes. I also love the line up. In most bands you usually get one female lead and the rest are males. Here we have four women and they also tackle feminist themes. They are really amazing and worth the support so they can create more fantastic tunes and future recordings.

"Brutus’ Daughters


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