Skipper’s Alley Self-Titled EP

Skipper's Alley

The Band Members are:

John Flynn – Vocals, Guitar, Flute

Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin – Vocals, Flute, Concertina

Cathal Caulfield – Fiddle, Viola

Paddy Cummins – Banjo, Mandola

Fionnán Mac Gabhann – Uilleann Pipes, Tin Whistle

Eilís Lavelle – Harp

Cian Ó Ceallaigh – Bodhrán

Something exciting is happening in the trad/folk scene when these seven members of  Skipper’s Alley released their self-titled EP this year. The EP has four tracks all possessing diverse arrangement yet cohesive in a sense that you know it is their sound.  Ta Me Mo Shuidhe brings back the glory of Skara Brae and The Bothy Band. Rockin’ the Boat jumps at you with its grace as precision. Jim Coleman’s is another charmer  with its awesome break between explosive choruses of trad instrument and the quieter uilleann pipes/fiddle ‘talk’ in between.

Wild Bill Jones is is a poignant ballad with beautiful vocals by John Flynn and Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin singing vocal harmony. I admire the play of shadows between the quiet and the rousing use of instruments. There is a current that runs through all the four tracks representing the band’s youth and excitement for playing music. There is also something magical about Skipper’s Alley as a band. You can sense it in the first track with that sparkling harp intro. You can feel the affection of their music wrapping around you in the sound of the uilleann pipes. The banjo gives their sound a kind of organic feel. The fiddle adds that skipping energy especially during jigs and reels. I like the otherworldly rhythm of the bodhrán, an instrument that is both modern and ancient. All instruments are recorded with that lush approach in this EP

These amazing young musicians made a great start with this this music. It is something that traditional or non traditional fans will really enjoy. There is that rock n roll energy on top of their folk beauty. Have a pint, enjoy the tunes and feel the love of music!

Buy the EP here:


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