Celtic Music Fan Podcast #3


.My radio show from Saturday is now a podcast available in youtube and mixcloud. This is my first show in http://www.radio-happy.com which starts at 4pm German time. I linked the sites of the artists with the tracks of the show. There will be skype interviews soon so keep on listening. I haven’t given up on writing blogs because it’s my first love but radio is a great way to expand my creativity. I hope you enjoy the amazing tunes from these wonderful musicians! I feel so blessed knowing them. I couldn’t ask for more 🙂

1.Iona-Les Mardi Gras-Reuben’s Train-Le Reel Beatrice
2.Aulaga Folk-Los Motiladores
3.Realta– Open the Door for Three(slip jig)
4.Brendan Mulholland-The House of Hamill/Sean’s Reel
5.Kinfolk-This Land
6.Celtic Twist-Looking for Moss
7. Kaliorne– Scottish Purple
8. The Gothard Sisters-The Landing
9. Jamie Smith’s Mabon– Summer’s Lament
10. Fiona J Mackenzie-Tha thu Beo nam Anamsa
11. Maxim Cormier-Big Sampie’s Reel
12. Cara-Rain
13.Kevin O’Donnell-Factory Girl
14. Qristina and Quinn Bachand-D Set.



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