Original Demo Songs by the Late Samuel Smith

Good day to subscribers of this page. I have my own radio show this weekend and it’s in http://www.radio-happy.com/. I am so excited because I am playing my favorite Celtic tunes in that show. The first part is devoted to the music of this blog. The second part is about my other blog. So expect eclectic music and future interviews..and even a possibility of an acoustic performance!

I got a message from one of our readers. her name is Geraldine McAuley. She’s the sister of the late Samuel Smith who was a huge fan of Breton harper Alan Stivell.

According to Geraldine:

” Samuel attended Alan’s last Concert when in Dublin on a trip from the States but did not take the opportunity

to go back stage to talk with him.

Samuel Passed away on the 12/07/2013 after a short period of 5 months from a Brain Tumor.
It was heart breaking for us to watch him suffer and to say goodbye to him. Such a waste of a Talented Life.
The one good thing was we got to take him back to Ireland from Arkansas before he passed away.
His Funeral Service was full of his Beautiful Haunting Celtic Melodies both performed on CD by Samuel.”

I told Geraldine that I wish I could get in touch with Alan Stivell and tell him all about it but I don’t have the means. I asked her if there is a way I can listen to the songs that her late brother composed. She said:

“There is a lovely Lady named Charlie Doidge who met Samuel in a recording Studio in Brighton. She recorded and arranged some of Samuel’s Songs Shortly afterwards he went to live in Arkansas. I will attach now a Song entitled Song for Eire. There is some Photographs of Places Samuel visited when he was back home in Ireland. Hope you like it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=uGD3dRCvtK0&t=20

Listening to all the demo tracks of Samuel Smith left me a feeling of great sadness. It is a feeling you get when a birthday cake is left in the open with no one to eat it…or that thought that this man could have given us more songs. Songs to take us into another reality. His music seems to have come from another world. Perhaps it really came from that place.  I like to believe in that parallel universe where all our dreams that never came to be realize in this world actually happen there. Perhaps if we only have a glimpse this other reality then we don’t have to live in such quiet desperation.

I call the attention of record producers out there, or people involved in recording to take notice of Samuel’s wonderful music. You can contact germcauley@hotmail.com his sister. All Copyrights were signed over to  Sam’s Widow Tina in Arkansas. These are songs he was working on before he passed away due. He will sorely be missed.


Mystic Rover
Bantry Bay
Heathen Soldier
Niamh’s Lament
Return of the pilgrim
The Agony
Ballad of Oisin

Here is a poem he wrote called African Sunlady

Samuel Smith poem

6 thoughts on “Original Demo Songs by the Late Samuel Smith

        1. I wept quietly when I was putting his songs together for this article. Because in songs, you get into the heart of the artist. This is his life, his career, the range of his passion. Music is certainly something that should never be taken lightly.


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