Not Every Day Is St. Patrick’s Day by Marc Gunn (2013)

Marc Gunn

Track listing:

1. Whiskey in the Jar
2. Dicey Riley
3. Tae the Begging
4. Kilkelly, Ireland (Steven and Peter Jones)
5. Rising of the Moon (John Keegan Casey)
6. Nancy Whiskey
7. Rocky Road to Dublin
8. Old Fenian Gun (P. O’Neill)
9. The Alcoholic (Hugh Scanlen, Marc Gunn)
10. Minstrel Boy (Thomas Moore)
11. Danny Boy (Frederic Weatherly)
12. Drunken Sailor
13. Wild Colonial Boy
14. Big Strong Man
15. An Irish Lullaby (James Royce Shannon)
16. Henry Martin
17. May Morning Dew
18. A Drop of Nelson’s Blood
19. Arthur McBride
20. Old Dun Cow (Harry Wincott, Brad Howard)


Marc Gunn: autoharp, vocals
Kenzie Gunn(his daughter): percussive
Daniel I. Briggs: bkg vocals, acoustic Bass, acoustic Guitar, octave mandolin
Jon Richardson: bkg vocals, English concertina
Jody Richardson: bkg vocals, violin
Jamie Haeuser: bkg vocals on “Minstrel Boy”

I don’t know if there is another artist who gives so much to the Celtic music community like Marc Gunn. If you browse through his Celtic music podcast/ reviews, you’d realize that this man is a walking encyclopedia of the genre. He is also a performing artist and has written and performed many songs on the genre. This is a long shot from his days as a lead vocalist of a grunge band. Perhaps you might have noticed that tilt towards a more rock oriented performance in his youtube videos. His podcast and mp3 reviews helped other musicians get the exposure they deserve. That’s how he got his title The Celtfather.

This year, he serenades us with Not Every Day is St Patrick’s Day.  I like the album cover. I have my favorite which I featured in my recent podcast. That song is called Tae the Begging.  I am impressed by his delivery especially the expressiveness he gives to his autoharp. It’s an instrument like no other. He also gives tips about the instrument to aspiring learners.

Not to stray too much from the main topic which is the album Not Every Day Is St. Patrick’s Day,I want to recommend this album for those who love traditional as well as original tunes. This album is also attended by amazing musicians like his daughter Kenzie Gunn ( According to him: “She was barely a year old and I used to pat her back to help her sleep. I recorded that back patting while I was working on the album”). Sounds cute eh?

I say I really enjoyed listening to this album. I am also surprised to find an old favorite An Irish Lullaby  which I heard from Kenny Loggins in his Return to Pooh Corner album. This interpretation sounds magical and Marc’s voice has taken that soothing quality.


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