The Gothard Sisters – Compass


Compass: Dreamy and energetic tunes from the magical sisters of Celtic music.

Sounds like: Mozart, Secret Garden, Anuna, Altan and Riverdance.

Track listing:

1. Compass 
2. Water is Wide
3. The Landing
4. Solid Ground
5. Guinevere
6. Call and the Answer
7. Fairy Dance Jig
8. The Whistling Gypsy Rover
9. A Song for Lark
10. Feast of the Elven King
11. Danny Boy
12. Flying Sails

The great thing about doing Celtic music podcasts is the opportunity to reach more ears and to spread the beauty that;s Celtic music. Also, the idea of relaxing and still want to play Celtic tunes to get that inspiration moving. This is what happened yesterday. I got the time to listen to the album of the Gothard Sisters called Compass. It’s their new album. What is different about this one is the energy they put so much in their recording performance.

There are slow tunes especially the traditional ones like Danny Boy but most of the tracks are electrical in their execution. Take for instance the third one called The Landing. That one literally stopped me from my idle listening and sent me to perform my improvised step dancing. I was so amazed how music can do that. Especially when it is performed with so much passion that the music dictates your feelings.

Compass is an exciting album. As the title suggests, it’s all about gravitational attraction as the compass signifies the direction to the magnetic field of the earth . It  tells us what direction to take. The sisters have done well in recording this beautiful album. I hope more ears will hear. It will be a shame if such a gem of a recording would go unnoticed. They can make Lord of the Dance have a run of their money. Check it out. I already featured the title track in my first Celtic Music podcast and I will be featuring more of them. Yes more and more until you remember to get out there and buy Compass.



I am running a

 Win an album “The Calling” by MÉAV


So watch out for my announcement. The winner will receive Meav’s autographed album .


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