Celtic Music Podcast 1

Welcome to our podcast edition. I like to experiment and we will see where this goes.

1.Celtic Reggae Revolution- St Brendan’s Dub. Nicely mixed and mastered by U2′s engineer Pete Maher. www.celticreggae.org/

2.The Rattling Kind: Rise Up EP.The lyrics tackle topics ranging from economic, political to other aspects pertaining to the human condition.

3.The Silver Spear/Maid behind the bar by LaUnica. La Unica blends Latin and Traditional Irish music to create a groovy listening experience.www.facebook.com/launicairishband

4. Tae the Begging by Marc Gunn from Not Every Day is St Patrick’s Day released this year.marcgunn.com/

5. Morag’s Dance by UK Celtic/electronica band Flutatious.www.flutatious.co.uk/

6. Peggy Gordon by Andrew Black also known by the name Slim. This is taken from the CD Gallows Tree Tales. www.slim-music.com/home

7. The Bard from Celtic punk band Cheers. They are based in the Czech Republic.www.facebook.com/pages/Cheers/104821386271093

8.Climbing Pendle The duo of Dave Palmley and Phil Holland also known as Celtic Twist hollandandpalmley.blogspot.com/

9.Sullivan’s John from the Feekers claddaghrecords.com/WWW/catalog/pro…roducts_id=3447

10. Up in the Garrett by Shelta from Lyon France. www.facebook.com/pages/Shelta/125…444161088?ref=ts

11. Gothard Sisters- Compass gothardsisters.weebly.com/


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