When Will You Come Home? (EP) The Webb Sisters

 The Webb Sisters


Track Listing

 1. Missing Person

2. Always On My Mind

3. Show Me The Place

4. It May Be Spring But I Still Need a Coat

5. Show Me The Place (Orchestrated Version)

It is amazing how a week of not doing anything creative has been beneficial. I have been absorbing knowledge and tried to read many things. On top of that, I was also getting in touched with friends online. These conversations have stretched for several days. Through the process I discovered new sounds and a new way of looking at life.

These conversations I mentioned brought new bands to my attention. One of those bands are the Webb Sisters. They impressed me with the YouTube video featuring Leonard Cohen. I prefer Cohen over Dylan but that has nothing to do with greatness or who is a better artist. It’s just a matter of how Cohen’s style of singing  plays an important part in my liking his songs.

My friend Paula thought I’d love the Webb Sisters. She’s an electronic artist who supports my love for Celtic music! I made my research and found out that: They’re not ‘new.’ They won many awards and  they also collaborated with well-known names in the music industry.

They’re a duo rather than a band, comprising of sisters Charley and Hattie Webb. I checked if they are related to the famous composer Jimmy Webb but there is no reference of that sort on the web. Both are talented singer/musicians: Hattie plays the harp and mandolin, and Charley the guitar, clarinet, and piano.

They’re from Kent England but they have this Americana sound. That’s because they have an interesting musical history. According to their bio, they met Johnny Pierce, a record producer who invited them to Nashville, where they recorded their debut album, Piece of Mind. After six months, they went to California, selling the album at their gigs. They were soon discovered and were offered a publishing deal by Windswept Pacific Publishing, and, soon afterward, a record deal with Universal Records.

The sisters totally immersed themselves in beautiful Americana sound of Nashville and in America, their distinctive melodic style flourished. This resulted to Piece of Mind (2000). The “When Will You Come Home?” (2013) – 5-track EP is what I am listening to right now. This is what Paula gave me as a gift. I can’t thank her enough. She has given me this, the Celtic frames, the books, box of tea and chocolates and many more. She’s one of those people who helped ease my pain when my mom passed away.

The tunes of “When Will You Come Home?” EP have that sensitive melodic touched. They are all wrapped in delicate harmonies with terrific vocals. If there is an album that you should listen to when you are in pain then this has got to be it. It’s a collection of thoughtful and less intrusive sounds. It reminds me a bit of Alison Krauss and Francis Black. There’s sweetness underneath the songs of missing someone, the pain of separation and the hope of reunion.

I can tirelessly meditate to these songs every day. I guess enduring songs are about craft,the softer bits and pieces that sing to your soul. It is the whisper rather than the screams. It’s the ordinary topics about life that resonate as time goes by. It is how it’s like with family. They don’t have to possess superhero strength to make us admire them. It’s the ordinary things that happen every day in their presence that count. This is what “When Will You Come Home?” sounds like. And yes we never stop missing those we love and we wait everyday…hoping one day they will return again.



Hi dear readers. Welcome to our eclectic post of the week. Yes it takes all kinds….

Mary Fahl

Fans of October Project’s former lead singer have a reason to rejoice. Mary Fahl is working on a new album called Love & Gravity. She is also writing a song for the audio book version of Anne Rice’s novel The Wolves of Mid-Winter. You can sample the track off the upcoming album called How Much Love in this link: http://maryfahl.com/music
According to her:
I’m thrilled to announce that my new album “Love & Gravity” is almost finished. Produced by the great John Lissauer, best known for his classic recordings with Leonard Cohen, the album features an extraordinary group of musicians including Shawn Pelton, Chris Bruce, Cranston Clements and Glenn Patscha and Byron Isaacs of Ollabelle. In the meantime, I’ve just completed a pre-release CD with selections from the album that will be available at my upcoming performances around the country. My summer touring schedule is filling up fast and I may be coming to a city near you, so please check back here for updates. In the meantime, hope to see you all in my travels!


My facebook buddy Dermot McIlroy who owns the McIlroy Guitars in Antrim Northern Ireland posted this video. One of the lads in this video actually plays one of his guitars. By the way Mr McIlroy is part of The Folkalists. He is finishing off re-mastering an old album (that they are going to re-release) and also they have a new CD out which I will be listening to soon! He son Damian is also in the traditional Irish music scene as part of Athrú.

So yeah that video is by Goitse and they are from Limmerick. Members are :

Tadhg O Meacair- Piano, Piano Accordion

Aine Mc Geeney- Fiddle, Vocals

James Harvey- Banjo, Mandolin

Conal O Kane- Guitar, Banjo

Colm Phelan- Bodhran, Percussion

More on myspace



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