Steven Hawson: Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow, Vol. 1

STEVEN HAWSON: Shamus and Steve's Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow, Vol. 1

 Winner:Clean and intelligent fun with Steven Hawson’s Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow, Vol. 1

1 – Top O’ Da Morning
2 – Here We Go, Amigo
3 – Only One Room Left
4 – The All-You-Can-Eat Celtic Buffet Sketch
5 – The Boyisshecrankie Sketch
6 – Hold the Mayo
7 – Rockabye Steve

For those who are in need of something informative but at the same time entertaining then I better introduce you to something I stumbled upon this weekend. The album is called Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow, Vol. 1. by Steven Hawson. It’s  an audio comedy presented the creator’s notable talent for voicing different characters. He also created an interesting plot that really works.

The main characters of this story are Steve and his twin brother Shamus. Steve plays an accordion while his twin plays the banjo. Steve works as a manager of a fish and chips store while Shamus is a free-spirited entomologist. Their personalities are complete opposites. Steve is uptight while Shamus is cocky and loves adventures. It’s Shamus who actually dares Steve to go on a road trip. The aim is to attend the first annual Glasgow Celtic music festival in  Montana, with hopes of playing on stage with the great musicians. I found myself drawn to the banter between the two.

Steve: What’s really amazing in how negative in effect your exiting the womb three minutes before I did has had in your personality-

Shamus:I am the older and wiser than the two of us. It’s not your fault really, I simply have three more minutes of life experience than you do. So you need to follow my lead. It’s a clan obligation!

I am sure you will enjoy the Steve and Shamus series. A volume two is coming very soon. Although this is Celtic culture project, the recording also celebrates the cultural diversity of  the United States. There are several references that point to the connection of the Celts to other cultures. This happens when they start their journey.

For example, there is a part that explains the  deep connection between Mexico and Ireland as Steve and Shamus stop to buy burritos from their Mexican friend. For the delicious Indian curry, it is explained how India is deeply connected to the Celts. A quick stop to buy Chinese food( The All-You-Can-Eat Celtic Buffet Sketch)  uncovers a Scottish Celtic ensemble based in China. History goes further as how the Celts reached the tropics  in the 10th century. This little known but significant history happened in March 17 1065 in Northern England(The Boyisshecrankie Sketch). Wait until you get to  Hold the Mayo where Steve pretends to be Irish in order to impress the motel residents only to find himself in embarrassing situations. The recording closes with both of them halfway through their journey. I can’t wait to get the volume 2 and find out if Steve really got to become an accordion superstar during the Celtic music fest. It remains to be seen. Bring on volume 2!

If you want clean and intelligent fun, then better keep Steven Hawson in your Celtic radar. He is the funny man with great love for Celtic history. Buy the album here:


Now it is time to help out of Celtic musicians to make their projects come true and also to spread the word. Let’s do what we can to keep the spirit of Celtic music alive.

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Promotional video by John Breen:


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