The Rattling Kind: Rise Up EP

The Rattling Kind

Catchy, energetic and profound. These are the things that come to mind when listening to The Rattling Kind.

Album: Rise Up EP

Band members:

Eddie Sherlock: Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Tom Forde: Bass and Vocals
Ben McGinn: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Anthony White: Drums and Percussion

Genre: Indie/Folk/Rock

Sounds like: REM with a banjo.

The Rattling Kind are an exciting band with a fresh approach to Irish music that’s emerging from the  Northside of Dublin. If you play the title track Rise Up the first time this is what you will notice: A gradual build up of instruments, from the gentle percussion, a single guitar note that seems to wink at you, and then the swaggering banjo plucking that introduces the voice of Eddie Sherlock: Michael Stipe with a “Dublin howl.” Mainstream listeners would probably mistake The Rattling Kind as REM with a banjo, mandolin and other assorted mix of Irish instruments but the five tracks off the EP Rise Up will confirm that they have an original sound and musicianship that should be taken seriously.

I think The Rattling Kind have this exciting and melodic sound embedded all throughout their songs: A really fresh approach to Irish music! Another thing I noticed is that they can rock the house down without being noisy. There is that strong affinity to folk that is intimate and warm. Tracks like The Mero has this Simon and Garfunkel feel in the midst of the Dubliners’ marching energy.

The lyrics tackle topics ranging from economic, political to other aspects pertaining to the human condition. Rise Up actually touches the current situation happening not just in Ireland but the rest of the world; especially the economic instability that triggers the rise of immigration.

Rise Up is also a catchy EP. For instance Follow the Moon has this signature ‘woooh!’ stamped at the end of each verse that makes me do the same thing. But in spite of the positive and playful vibe, there is one poignant track that closes Rise Up and it’s called No Time To Say Goodbye and this is embellished by the beautiful sound of the tin whistle.

With Rise Up, I think The Rattling Kind will attract fans of diverse music, especially those who are into the combination of alternative rock, pop and Irish folk.

Trivia: According to Eddie Sherlock, the Mero is their take on an old Dubliners classic, written by Pete St John (the man who wrote the Fields of Athenry).

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