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rachael mc cormack

Rachael McCormack’s This Is My Identity is an album filled with memorable sweet tracks wrapped in titanium.

Artist:Rachael McCormack

Album: This Is My Identity

Genre: Folk/Rock

Sounds like: For lovers of The Beatles, Phil Lynott and Chris DeBurgh

Hometown: Ballymun

Fact: Irish singers have beautiful voices. This is the most constant thing when you listen to an album coming from the emerald Isle. This Is My Identity by Rachael McCormack fulfills that expectation. Her’s is a strong voice that’s very expressive. It can go from sounding sweet and girlish one moment, into a riveting scream the next. I think this is brought about by MS McCormack honing her craft being part of Dublin’s thriving community of singer/songwriters especially in the Voodoo Sessions. Apart from being passionate about her music, she is also very supportive of the community. I remember more than a year ago when I asked her if she has anything to write that I can post here. She heartily gave her thoughts and that gave me a glimpse of the colorful community she lives in. Fast forward to today and the fruit of her creativity gave way to This Is My Identity.

The album is compose of ten tracks, all influenced with Dublin’s melodic and electric atmosphere. If you love Phil Lynott, The Beatles and Chris DeBurgh then you will definitely light up to this one. I consider her voice as a combination of Mary Black and Linda Ronstadt. Her sound is reminiscent of KT Tunstall, one of her musical idols. The melodic quality of This Is My Identity is excellent. Each track embraces you drawing an infectious nod and smile. One of my favorites is Don’t Go Waste My Time because of the lovely string arrangement that swells on top of a poignant melody.

There are surprising tracks like Stand Out And Be Counted. I think the inclusion of rap really works! Crippled Inside is a capella  which explores her wide vocal range. Daddy Please Take Me Home is every daddy’s girl theme song. I like that part where I hear the violin pizzicato  in the verse part.

You can tell that Ms McCormack has poured her heart and soul to this album because passion can’t lie. And I hear passion all over the songs that span different genres and subject matter. Most of the story in the track are told in the point a point of view of a strong independent woman who is also sensitive and hurting. But there are moments of elation and cotton candy moments. And that sweetness is what most of us who are wounded needs at this time.