Will Tun and the Wasters & MC Amalgam – Raggamuffin MC


Will Tun and Aymeric Amalgam

This week, we are moving a bit away from the traditional /New Age flavor of this page to give way to a more pop rock oriented series of articles. It is after all summer is most parts of the world where most of my readers are. Live bands are playing in festivals and there are new releases from artists which will be featured here. You wont be disappointed that’s for sure!

I was totally stoked when these guys handed me their finished EP sometime ago. It is exciting to represent a young band that’s full of energy and looking good onstage. I think the onstage getups really represent their punk and zany musical personas. Who needs Prozac when you have Will Tun and the Wasters?

Hey Baxter! Hope you’re having a good summer! Thought you might be interested in the knowing the Wasters got a new tune out with our French rapper Mc Amalgam.. It’s a little far from the our pogues inspired roots, but what the hey… it’s summer and we were in the mood for some upbeat ska :)-Will Tun

The music video for Raggamuffin MC really say a lot about the spirit of summer in the vein of Irish music meets Rasta spirit. This track is going to be included in their new album ‘Unite and Charge’, release date TBA. I think they got what it takes to really court mainstream audience and play in big venues. Just help spread the music, blog about these guys and their fame will spread like virus. Oh and French rapper MC Amalgam really convinced me to listen to rap. Check him out and his solo work that, although not really Celtic but really fit the format if my other blog Sphere Music.

Additional info:

Taken from the upcoming release
To pre order/pledge go to http://www.pledgemusic.com/willtunand…



You’ve got nothing to say, from your writing it’s really perspiring
Is that only in your lyrics or does it extend toward you days?
You’ve got nothing to say in your rap so you’re only blabbering
Even though you should shut up you make 16 bars from dust
You speak into the void and even do it shamelessly
I almost got vertigo facing the emptiness that you just left
You even pretend to be giving a message
You’ve got nothing to say so you speak about a life that you fantasise
You’ve got nothing to say so you speak about the girls you pulled
Of the size of your penis and other lies you imagined
You’ve got nothing to say and what’s worse is that nobody’s forcing you to
You’ll always find an audience despite the lyrics that you have
You’ve got nothing to say so you speak about what you call batty boys
Of your LACOSTE tracksuits and the JD that you’re drinking
You’ve got nothing to say so you big-up, big up a lot
You’ve got nothing to say so you became Mc Jungle Ragga

Recorded at Downtown Digital Studios
Produced, engineered and mixed by Patch Harmonix

Video By EGOLIFE Productions


In keeping with the tradition of summer here are festivals you might want to check out:


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