Catch La Unica at New York City’s The Shrine


I did two articles about La Unica and I am always attuned to what’s going on with bands who got their names in this page. So it is always a pleasure to present to you what’s happening to them. Later this month, La Unica will be  playing at a New York City venue called Shrine. This is going to be an exciting musical even because you know what to expect from La Unica right? It will be a night filled with Latin grooves and Celtic melodies. Plus I have mentioned about the cover of the U2 song( With or Without You) which is something you should hear live! I mentioned that because I am once again listening to U2’s The Joshua Tree. A fantastic album. This cover is worth hearing because they added their own twist to it.


Irish actor/book author Alan Cooke a.k.a The Wild Irish Poet is writing a new book. Details are hush hush at this time but he shared a passage from that book. Here it is:

She lied back on the bed and gradually dozed off the jet lag claiming her. She had another strange dream…
  She is walking in a field of blood. There are many people. Bone faces and dying. Broken bodies. Crawling around her putting grass in their mouths. She walks through the fields of many thousands of Irish men and women. She comes across an open bare piece of land. She wept at all the pain. The sky rumbled above her. She looked up and could hear terrible screams so far up above her head. She felt dizzy and fell to her knees. Her hands on the dying earth. She felt a light tap on her shoulder. She turned around and was confronted by the face of an old woman. Her face was sunken. Her skin hung off her body in terrible folds. She was a human bone. Her eyes were bulging and filled with some terrible pity of all the ages.  The woman has old grey hair and bald patches around her head. She held out her sickly hands as if pleading to her. She tried to cry out but only a low moaning sound was heard. She was frozen. The sky turned a velvet black. The sun was erased and all the sickly millions wept in unison. The woman fell against her and shattered into a thousand pieces. ..’
She awoke and for a second she could not breathe.

Sounds like a horror novel to me. But let us wait and see. He wrote two books about his experiences in the literary vein of James Joyce: Naked in New York and The Spirit of Ireland. These are two books I enjoyed reading and I am sure you will too. But there are details of  thriller he is polishing which has a Hollywood movie potential. I will give you the details when it is out.

And Lastly…

Enjoy this lovely track from singer/songwriter John Breen!


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