Kernunna and other great tunes from Brazil.




Type of music: Folk/Prog/Rock


Alex Navar (Braia) – Uilleann Pipes, Tin e Low Whistle
Bruno Maia (Braia/ Ex- Tuatha de Danann (Vocal,Guitar, Flute, Banjo, Bouzouki and mandolin)
Daiana Mazza (Transfônica Orkestra) -Violin
Edgard Brito (Tuatha de Danann and Braia) -Keys
Diniz (Band Nevermind Tribute to Nirvana) – Guitar and Vocal
Khadhu (Band Cartoon) – Vocal, Baixo, Violão, Cítara and Esraj
Rodrigo Abreu (Tuatha de Danann) – Drums

Ever wonder what I do when I am not reviewing albums? I get in touch with musicians who appeared in this site and talk about musical things. The plus side of being a music blogger is that you get to be friends with a lot of artistic people and they are always willing to help out in promoting other artists. One of those is Jp Kallio of Sliotar. He told me about musician  Bruno Maia from Brazil. Bruno has been involved with other Celtic bands like Braia and  Tuatha de Danann. His current project is called Kernunna.

The seven members are from Minas Gerais Brazil. The music of Kernunna is Celtic metal in the vein of Tuatha De Dannad and Irish counterpart Cruacan. What differentiates them from the other metal bands is the use of mainstream rock vocals.Yes not the low doomy singing like that of the late Peter Steele. Think of what happens when Megadeth goes Celtic/folk. The music can also be described as Continental Celtic with world/ethnic influences on top of the high energy metal delivery.

I noted how the band handle the softer side of the music. If they give so much energy in their high powered tunes (like in the case of The Seim Anew), then expect nuance and expressiveness in their instrumental/traditional based tracks. Bruno Maia also played/still plays with other bands and just a brief introduction of one of these bands:

Braia: More folk oriented sound. World and ethnic influences can also be found. Tracks evoke a sense of being transported into another time and place. Expect elegant and atmospheric delivery in their live shows. Instruments are more acoustic: uilleann pipes, mandolin, female vocals, drums flute etc. Also expect to hear reels and other Irish inspired tunes from the band.



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