A Place To Be EP by Linda Scanlon

Linda Scanlon

Artist: Linda Scanlon

EP: A Place To Be


Jorge Carrilho – Drums (Portuguese)

Rui Marques – Keyboards (Portuguese)

Anja Brands – Violin (Dutch)

Syd Harris – Bass (half American, half English)

Joe de Bie – Guitar (half Dutch, half English)

Linda Scanlon – Guitar, Tin Whistle (Irish)

Irish singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist Linda Scanlon has grouped together amazing musicians to highlight her beautiful voice. The first time I heard tracks off her EP “A Place To Be” , it was a jaw dropping experience. Think of the late Sandy Denny and Mary Hopkins all rolled into one. The musicians who backed her up in this 5-track recording are ‘international.’

The mood of A Place To Be is a combination of uplifting, sweet and light. The EP starts with Sailing By, a track that celebrates the optimistic view of life’s challenges. The song highlights the violin playing of Anja Brands from Holland. “Because dreams are a kite on a windy day, free as a boat by the pier.” She sings with such abandon the listener becomes the song! You really forget you are a listener because the track wraps itself into your heart and soul.

The guitar in the Scholar reminds me of 70s folk music when simplicity was the key to making beautiful songs. This is courtesy of Joe de Bie. I love how everything builds up into a strong track backed by superb arrangement. Her voice takes an airy nature as she sings the chorus. I love how she enunciates the word ‘school books’ in this track.

Clothes of Sand is probably my favorite track. Her voice shines like golden silver. Please check out the keyboard part. Whatever sound engineering magic was used here, it definitely works. The song simply takes me to places that can only exist in books, movies and the mind. This track also establishes Linda Scanlon as an excellent tin whistle player.

A Place To Be which is the EPs title track is a work of elegant approach in songwriting. It is hard not to notice the fantastic drumming of Jorge Carrilho who channels his subtlety and energy to the drums like no other. The EP closes with the joyful Summerfly. I love how the bass creates the bouncy feel of the track. I think I already memorized the melody of Summerfly after one listen.

I believe that Linda Scanlon will enchant listeners of all genres. A Place To Be fits in any mood, any time of the day and any place you want to take this recording to. Its universal appeal is something that will keep listeners want for more.

Biography – Linda Scanlon

Born in County Wicklow, Linda began her singing career at the age of 11, achieving early success in a number of traditional Irish singing contests during the 1980s, After relocating to England in 1997, Linda briefly headed up traditional Irish band The Rogues, before seizing an opportunity to perform in the USA, playing venues in New York and Minneapolis.

In 2000, Linda teamed up with a guitarist to form the traditional Irish duo Klonakilty. This led to seven years of successful touring in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, culminating in a 4-week sell-out tour of Germany during December 2008, along with two London gigs, which marked the duo’s farewell.

Now branched out on her own to pursue a solo career, in July 2009 Linda completed a UK tour. The highlight of which was appearing at the International Musical Eisteddfod in Llangollen Wales.

Currently based in Portugal, Linda is hailed as the most “in demand” Irish singer on the Algarve. Her unforgettable performances include a tantalising mix of haunting vocals and virtuoso bodhran solos. Now with the backing of a full band Linda has been rehearsing new songs to reflect the change in direction for Linda’s musical career.

Linda’s new EP “A Place To Be” is the first step of many on the road to taking her music to an international audience.

The EP was recorded in Linda’s own studio with the help of studio engineer, guitarist and husband Joe. Together they have selected the songs, worked on the arrangements and rehearsed the other musicians.

This is very much a ‘hands-on’ release with Linda having input at every stage of the process from the mixing, to the EP artwork and photo’s. Linda enjoys the working process in the studio and knows her way around Cubase 7, she admits that editing a mix is a ‘joy’ and opens up endless possibilities, but is happy to leave the dark art of using outboard equipment to Joe.

Released on: Foxscan Records

Initial Release Format: Digital

Available from: iTunes, Amazon and others.

CDs from: www.lindascanlon.com

Initial Release Territories: UK/ROI/EU

Pricing For Full EP:

Digital Download: €4.95 CD: €5.95

Genre: Folk (ishh) / Irish Influence

For Fans Of:

Mary Black, Maura O’Connel, Nick Drake, Sinead

Lohan, Cara Dillon,

For Lovers Of:

Folk Music, Celtic Music, Irish Singing Voice


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