The Elemental Music of Karin Leitner

Karin Leitner

Flutist and composer Karin Leitner has sound magic.

With her extensive studies in classical music, flutist Karin Leitner has mastered the tempo, dynamics and  expression of the instrument. She also plays the Irish tin whistle Susato Kildare model key C and Yamaha wooden flute. Whither she is playing the classical pop rendition of the theme from the Titanic, or rendering the chromatic beauty of some of her works, it is true that she leaves listeners enchanted and refreshed.

She already released evocative albums titled: Earthmagic, Seamagic and the upcoming Skymagic (June 21). Earthmagic has  received positive reviews from music critics. The album has 16 tracks. If  you are stressed out and in the mood for escapist tunes then just take out one of her CDs and you are off to go  with the destination of your choice.  Even if such journey is in your head. Seamagic has twelve tracks all water themes asopposed to the  Earth themes of Earthmagic. Her compositions are closer to the elements : Earth, Sea, Sky…go figure.

Her delivery is seamless as she slides from meno mosso to molto expressivo with the grace of a swan. You should check out her Theme from the Titanic video. She breathes new life into the wooden flute making the instrument sound the way we sing. I can hear traces of vibrato  the way a human voice does, until the diminuendo leaves listeners gasping for more.

For those who are hungry for classically inspired music with Celtic, orchestral or mystical influences then I am sure she has a hungry  market out there waiting to get her releases, all eight of them! Trivia: She is playing concerts with harpist Cormac de Barra-they recorded an album for Ireland’s Blue Book Music of Great Irish Houses.

SKYMAGIC will be out on 21st June.



Check out the album release launch of Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra:

Grammy award winning musician, Moya Brennan, and internationally renowned harpist, Cormac De Barra, are set to release their brand new album titled ‘Affinity’ this June. The recording is the result of a merging of two of Ireland’s most acclaimed musical minds. Join the event here:


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