Affinity: Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra.

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Track list for Affinity: 1. Intro (Suas Síos) 2. Sailing 3. The Lass of Aughrim 4. Worlds Collide 5. I Feel You Breathe 6. Crúiscín Lán 7. Captain O’Kane 8. Seoithín Seó 9. Stóirín Rua 10. When the Morning Breaks 11. Ardaigh Cuan 12. Suas Síos

This year marks the release of Affinity which is a product of musical collaboration between Clannad’s Moya Brennan and Corma De Barra. This project has been anticipated due to the build up of interest mostly brought about by their live shows. Listening to Affinity( 12 tracks plus on radio edit of the single Sailing), one can’t help but notice the musical chemistry between these two artists. It isn’t surprising considering the fact that they have worked together for years.

The album’s official single is Sailing. It’s a song originally done by Christopher Cross in the early 80s and now given a new life. With the harp replacing the piano as the song’s official and consistent hook, the two have preserved the rhythmic element of the original song but added an original sound and atmosphere  to it.

Sailing showcases Moya’s contralto range that was seldom highlighted during her years with Clannad(with the exception of Banba). I often marveled at the evolution of her voice. If you picked up Clannad’s 70s recordings you will notice the difference. In this decade, she often sang in the soprano range. Then came the 80s and the voice evolved with more depth and expression. It’s also during this time that she became known for her haunting style of singing: part airy and part traditional-in which she has been known to possess up to the  present.

The Lass of  Aughrim is a moving remake. If you haven’t seen movie version of The Dead where this song was performed then you better see it. I swear it’ll give you goosebumps as the implication of the song weighs heavily on your heart:

O don’t you remember
That night on yon lean hill
When we both met together
Which I am sorry now to tell

Moya has given this song new life while adding her sound signature. Worlds Collide is notable for its dynamic percussion arrangement. Actually the whole album is a showcase of percussive beauty. They are all over (I feel You Breath, Cruiscin Lan, Captain O’Kane, Storiin Rua, When the Morning Breaks and Suas Sios)    giving the songs their driving power yet toned down for a less intrusive effect.

Cormac DeBarra shines in Seothin Seo. His sean nos style of singing feels at home to his unique way of playing the harp. He also made amazing backing vocals to Worlds Collide.The merging of acoustic and electronic instruments is what fans of Clannad will love about this album. Focusing on the beauty of voices and harps, Affinity has achieved what few albums have achieved in this decade: A haunting, captivating and inspiring listening experience.

Affinty marks the continuation of the musical partnership which also includes Voices & Harps workshop in Donegal. This is their second album together. You can hear the music samples via : and


Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra both come from large musical families in Ireland and their mutual admiration for each other naturally developed into a stimulating musical relationship.

Their new album, Voices & Harps, is the culmination of their friendship and creative synergy over the past decade. They combine the simplicity, depth and beauty of the extraordinary skills which make them unique in their own field.
The album and workshop unveils a new chapter in their partnership.

Grammy award winner, Moya Brennan is the singer of Clannad as well as having a successful solo career. She has sung on most of the world’s great stages and has collaborated with many notable artists including The Chieftains, Paul Brady and Bono. She is also part of the female traditional group, T with the Maggies.

Cormac De Barra is renowned internationally as a versatile harp virtuoso. He continually pushes the boundaries of the Irish harp through his work with a wide array of artists, including Hazel O’Connor, Julie Feeney and Clannad. Cormac also tours and records with his brothers Fionán and Éamonn in the family group, Barcó. Besides his busy performing schedule he regularly gives workshops and masterclasses around the world.

Press release:


Release their brand new album ‘Affinity’ on June 7th 2013


NEW YORK:  Grammy award winning musician, Moya Brennan, and internationally renowned harpist, Cormac De Barra, are set to release their brand new album titled ‘Affinity’ this June.  The recording is the result of a merging of two of Ireland’s most acclaimed musical minds; both artists hail from highly respected Irish musical families and have successful careers in their own right.

Ms. Brennan has been admired around the world as the ‘Voice of Clannad’; she is the lead singer of that group since 1975, releasing 18 albums with them, including two with her world famous sister Enya. Simultaneously Moya has managed to parallel an incredible solo career, with 7 albums to her name. Overall her career to date includes over 20 albums, numerous film scores and performances with many great artists such as The Chieftains, Robert Plant, Shane MacGowan and Bono.

Cormac De Barra is renowned internationally as a versatile harp virtuoso. He has continuously pushed the boundaries of the Irish harp through his work and collaborations with an extensive range of artists including Hazel O’Connor, Julie Feeney and Clannad. He writes and records regularly with his family group Barcó and hosts master classes world-wide.

Affinity’ features Moya and Cormac trading talents on harps, vocals, keyboards and bodhrán backed by a host of incredibly talented musicians.  The record has been independently produced by the duo and mixed by John Reynolds (Sinead O’Connor, David Byrne, Peter Gabriel) and Tim Oliver (Robert Plant, New Order, Indigo Girls).

Christopher Cross’ mega hit, ‘Sailing’, is the lead single on the much-anticipated 12 track album.  Moya says about the song, “Sailing is part of the soundtrack of my youth. It was so exciting to interpret the song with our harps and vocal layers. We didn’t want to change it but I hope we bring freshness to a timeless classic.”  There are original tunes on the album including a number songs sung in Gaelic, the native Irish language.

Over the years Moya and Cormac’s reverence for one another has grown strong and they have forged a powerful musical relationship. The past decade has seen the musicians unite their creativity on several projects.  “I think that the fact that Cormac and I  understand Irish traditional music so well has given us a shared confidence to extend ourselves, push the boundaries and venture beyond our comfort zone”,  says Moya.  Along with their first collaborative album, ‘Voices and Harps’ in 2011, Moya and Cormac have joined forces to host an annual ‘Voices and Harps’ workshop in Ireland, which is geared towards those with a keen interest in combining singing with harp playing and is now in its third year.

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