Make Way for Skinny Lister!

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An exciting band featuring fresh and melodic tunes, notable musicians and yes they are on tour!Skinny Lister continue to charm listener with their brand of English folk that incorporates influences from the surrounding nations. music that’s melodic, sweet but at the same time bursting with electricity. They can transform a simple sea shanty or a capella track into a memorable experience. If you haven’t heard of Forty Pound Wedding (Original George Thomas Version) then you miss a good part of the experience. Skinny Lister is fronted by Dan Heptinstall and Lorna Thomas; a vocalist known for her voice and band presence, with Max Thomas on accordion / mandolin, Slim on electric guitar / mandolin and Michael Camino on upright bass. The unison singing that all five members bring to the table is a big part of the Skinny experience.

Founded in 2009, the group has already reaped positive reactions from listeners all over the globe. I think this is brought about by their style that goes down smoothly. It is the kind that breaks down reservations because it is simply hard to detect any flaws in terms of their music, production and live performance. Skinny Lister has it figured out. The music is universal and it is embraced by a wide spectrum of listeners, from Folk, Celtic and Americana.
The group’s mastery of rhythm is further reinforced by the track Rollin’ Over that sends a smile wherever or whenever you hear it played. Colours emphasizes the love for delicate tunes and fine instrumental playing. Right now they are busy with touring European summer festivals, and a week’s tour in Japan for Fujirock later in the summer and they performed successful tour across the United States recently, including Coachella Festival. They have a huge following and I am not surprised. Music like this is meant for the world to hear.

Engineer David Wrench, the same guy who worked with Bat for Lashes and James Yorkston captured the energy of their music on debut album Forge & Flagon.

DEBUT ALBUM ‘FORGE & FLAGON’ OUT NOW IN UK, EUROPE AND USA! | iTUNES / AMAZON – visit – to buy and find out more.



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