In the Celtic Spirit by Steel Clover(Sue Borowski)

Artist: Steel Clover ( Sue Borowski)

Album: In the Celtic SpiritIn the Celtic Spirit by Steel Clover © Copyright - Susan Borowski

Genre: Celtic Folk/Ballads

Mood: Easy Listening

Tracks:  1. Gone Are the Days  2. The Loving Time  3. Glen of Aherlow   4. Longing for Home  5. The Pride of Ireland  6. Oh Rowan Tree 7. Rocky Road to Dublin   8. The Fisherman’s Wife    9. Red Haired Boy   10. Down By the Salley Garden    11. To the Weaver’s We Will Go    12. Wild Mountain Thyme    13. Distant Shores    14. Back Home in Derry    15. Ag Croist an Siol

With the rarity of ballads in Celtic music these days, Sue Borowski finds a refreshing venue to showcase her multi instrumental capabilities. Even though she has no formal training in recording engineering, she arranged, recorded and mixed all the tracks  in her basement. In the Celtic Spirit has a unique and inspiring history. Diagnosed with breast cancer, Sue channeled all her creativity into this collection of songs inspired by Ireland and the British Isles. The result is a collection of healing music that became a success story.

You will hear songs that you have missed all these years. Songs like Rocky Road to Dublin, Down by the Sally Garden and Wild Mountain Thyme. This is an album for those who are into vocal music with an easy listening style. Her expressive vibrato makes the fifteen tracks sound human and intimate. No sonic gimmicky kind of approach here. Just down to earth arrangements celebrating  love and courtship, family memoires, and love for home and country. My personal favorite is the instrumental track Ag Croist an Siol. It is one of the most moving spiritual pieces in this album.

For fans of Loreena McKennitt, Connie Dover and Karen Matheson, this is a welcomed release. Celtic songs are beautiful, evocative and heart-hurting. It is always important that they are given the proper revival they need. So start listening to this album and sing along. Sing your heart’s content. Sing your pain, joy and love with the brevity of spirit through the celebration of the human voice: the greatest musical instrument!

Sue plays many instruments including guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki, Irish whistle, bodhran and accordion.

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Sue’s love for performing music began at age ten in a Carpatho-Rusyn dance group, a sub-group of the Junior Duquesne University Tamburitzans. For three years she studied the music and traditions of her Slovak/Ukrainian heritage and performed her first solo on-stage at age eleven. In December of 2006 Sue gave her debut performance on the mandolin at the Melody Music Shop’s Holiday Showcase show at Carnegie Music Hall in Homestead, PA. In 2007 she met and auditioned with singer/solo artist, Matt Hughes of “Ar Eigean Gael”. Thus began her journey in the Celtic genre. After two years with Ar Eigean Gael, Sue joined the RichPatrick Celtic Music group as their fiddle and mandolin player, vocalist and guitarist. Sue enjoys playing in acoustic settings with friends around the City of Pittsburgh and most recently has ventured into a solo project under the name of “Steel Clover”.



4 thoughts on “In the Celtic Spirit by Steel Clover(Sue Borowski)

  1. Dear Baxter, words cannot express how much I appreciate the time you put into writing this absolutely wonderful review of my CD, “In the Celtic Spirit”. I am so deeply moved by your thoughtful choice of words. I must say, the way you write is expressive, eloquent, charming, and downright, endearing. It is a gift to all of us who perform Celtic music. Thank you for what you do, and most importantly for seeing and outwardly expressing through this Blog, that Celtic music is a side and reflection of a person’s soul. I am truly touched and thankful for your review. Thank you so much.


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