Taking your Druid to a Salsa with La Unica

La Unica

Band: La Única

Album: Self-titled

Members: Gonzalo Bernal [ vocals / fiddle ]
Matt Giles [ bass / vocals ]
Cory Padin [ guitar / vocals ]
Neil Reedy [ irish tin whistle / trumpet / flugelhorn ]
Matt Tredwell [ drums / percussion ]


Camilo Diaz [ percussion ]
Brian Falkowski [ saxophone / flute ]
Benito Lopez [ percussion ]
Gerald Pierce [ guitar / bass ]

Listen to the sample tracks: http://launicamusic.com/music/

Video available here: http://launicamusic.com/video/

As the name suggests La Unica blends Latin  and Traditional Irish music to create a groovy listening experience. The title means “the one and only.” Something that your personal Druid can salsa to. It’s a joy to listen to  their tracks. Silver Spear / Maid Behind the Bar is one example of their upfront and evocative style. Festive brass instruments can be heard side by side with traditional instruments. Whatever these five musicians are up to, I am sure they are succeeding. The sound is not only for one time listen. It’s a kind of music that stays with you. Yes play it again Sam. This is the music that will remain as time goes by….

The mesmerizing drums of Caminante De Mis Amores sound perfect with the Spanish purring vocals of Gonzalo Bernal. Listening to such track  makes you forget the blues. “See the colors and seize the day.” This is what the album is telling you. Irish Rock Song #4 makes use of the tin whistle’s bright sound laced with the spicy Latin flavour.

La Unica has a confident sound. It is something that can be easily embraced by the mainstream. I would not be surprise if they find their music climbing the Billboard top 100. They have that potential. It makes me curious how the members are like when performing live with all the tracks in the album. The video link above is a great introduction.  There is no doubt they can rouse the collective electricity from the listeners as exemplified by Dame Sabor and  Five. Contigo O Sin Ti (With Or Without You) explores U2 music using Spanish language. Walk, Buffalito  and Furthest We Go (Cranes) showcase the reflective side of the band.

I am so glad there are bands like La Unica who are not afraid to be creative and to be original without sacrificing the mass appeal of the music. It is true that great music can only come from artists who let time ripen their creativity. A kind of music that’s coming from the soul and brings fire to the hearts. This is your ultimate companion to weekend party.


Based in Washington, DC, La Unica (in Spanish, “the one and only”) is bringing the Bronx block party to the Nation’s Capital all year round! This is America’s band, drawing on sounds reminiscent of The Chieftains, Gipsy Kings, Santana, The Pogues, Ozomatli, the Cranberries — and throwing in D’Angelo for good measure. La Unica crosses the bounds of time and nations to reach a unique brand of roots music, combining traditional Irish folk, a panoply of Latin influences, your standard Rock, and Funk —– but don’t forget the cowbell!

The brainchild of Gonzalo Bernal and Neil Reedy, La Unica was created in 2009 over a few beers and several years in one of DC’s greatest salsa bands ever, Movimiento! “Why not combine Movimiento’s groove-shakin’ dance beats with the soothing caress of an Irish bagpipe?” said Neil. “Absolutely!!!” said Gonzo — and a legend was born.

DC’s On Tap Magazine hails La Unica as “A well-oiled outfit that uses traditional instruments to produce a high-energy show.” The band has since invaded New York City and plans for a tour down to Miami one of these days.

La Unica independently produced and released its debut, self-titled album on April 13th 2013. La Unica is: Gonzalo Bernal [ vocals / fiddle ], Matt Giles [ bass / vocals ], Cory Padin [ guitar / vocals ], Neil Reedy [ irish tin whistle / trumpet / flugelhorn ], Matt Tredwell [ drums / percussion ]




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